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Apr 30

Endgame Talk! (Spoilers)


Let's talk Endgame here. What are your thoughts on the movie?

If I'm the first to comment then I'll be controversial. I'm glad Tony is dead. Never found Iron Man interesting. Yeah RDJ was iconic but his character never grew throughout the series (like Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Cap, or Hawkeye, just to name every other original Avenger) so he got boring real fast. He changed as much as Fury and Happy. That's supporting character stuff. Now we can dig deeper into the interesting characters and watch the universe expand.

I politely disagree. Tony, to me, had a clear arc of childlike/selfish to becoming an individual that understood the power of being a mentor to others and the will it takes to be selfless. This is seen throughout the films Stark is a character.

@Peter Cabranes I feel like he reset every movie. Each movie had that same arc. He starts out childish and selfish, learns the same lesson of selflessness for the greater good and by the next movie hehe'back to where he started. It even happened in Endgame.

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