Blaming The Art(ist)

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

By Peter Cabranes

Should you blame the artist? With Joker being released recently, the idea of picking your idols has been on the mind of many. And thus blaming art has been at the center of that discussion. Should these films be made? Can you separate fact from fiction? Do these forms of art cause violence? These are the questions being raised but why are these the questions? Why not legitimate questions like - Should we focus on actual issues that aren't an artists fault? DO NOT BLAME THE ARTIST.

Art is to progress society and/or reflect on society. The Joker and other so called victim turn violent films reflect the society they were made in. Plus, no one has killed because of a film they've seen!

You can not blame Todd Philips, Warner Bros, Joaquin Phoenix or anyone else involved in Joker for a violent crime committed. That was not the intent and it should never fall on them. The people to look at are those who believe they're doing good - certain online media outlets and nervous individuals insisting that it's unsafe to go see a film they have yet to see. The film is not about inciting violence or incels - the movie is about treatment for mental illness, class struggles and how we deal with those issues. The film is not focusing on Terrorism, it is not about favoring the deranged and it certainly does not make people want to kill in such a manner. People have been fucked up long before this movie came out - a movie like this nor any other movie is going to make someone commit horrendous acts.

As artists we should come to the defense of each other and not let our work suffer because people want to spread false information. Art is made to make you question and feel uncomfortable!

Art should not suffer because a few people feel triggered by something they are clueless about. Art should be examined but not picked apart, it should be criticized but not destroyed. Video games and movies have taken the blame for too long and music has obviously seen it's unfair treatment. The issue isn't the art - it's the fact that we blame the art and not look towards real issues that may cause someone to cause such harm.


If you read this far, yes indeed this was a rant!

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