Movie Goers Cry 'Not Too Fast'!

Written by Peter Cabranes

Movie lovers have said 'No!' - to attending the theater. Major chains continue to reopen slowly across the country, many theater goers have decided to avoid the silver-screen entirely.

Where does this leave the industry and the future of our weekend traditions? Covid-19 has wrecked the global economy - pressing a massive pause button on what used to be deemed as 'normal behavior'. With the majority of Americans struggling to make ends meet and the fear of the virus in the back of their heads, it's clear to see the movie theater industry struggle - plus who's going to see 'Infidel' or 'Unhinged'. Put this intro perspective; 'Tenet' has made just over $250 million dollars in over a month ($35+ million U.S. domestic) - clearly depressing numbers in a regular release cycle.

Will the industry ever recover or will we continue to see major titles release directly on VOD? 'Mulan' has decided to join the ranks of other straight to streaming films and has shown to be a slightly promising model - it seems more studios will follow the trend.

'Black Widow' and 'Wonder Woman 84' are two major films that MUST be released in theaters - at least that is what we hope for.

Feeling safe and enjoying your theater outing is imperative. We must allow for our society to heal and come to terms with what has occurred over the past several months. Theaters may have to wait - for how long is the real question. They will be there waiting for us on the other side of this pandemic but as long as we promise to return to them when the time is right. The struggle will continue and numbers won't match our original box office expectations. You may see streaming as the new normal but remember that there is NOTHING like experiencing film at the theater.


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