Star Wars: A Reflection

My Experience With The Galaxy Far Far Away

By Peter Cabranes

Several generations have been able to experience the wonders and amazement that is the Star Wars saga. From 77s Star Wars to the upcoming Rise of Skywalker each generation has been able to call a film their own. Some love the OT more than the Prequels, some enjoy the Prequels more and others enjoy the modern trilogy more than both. Regardless of what era you enjoy, we have one thing in common, we're fans of the greatest franchise of all time. We are Star Wars fans!

The end of 2017 saw a strange explosion in negativity from so-called Star Wars fans but I shouldn't have been surprised about it all. These were likely the same individuals that wished for the death and/or resignation of George Lucas during the Prequel Era and now hold it as gold. The same anger was spewed out towards Rian Johnson and Disney/Lucasfilm. In my honest opinion, you can not call yourself a fan of Star Wars and not embrace all things Star Wars. There are weak points of ANY franchise yet as fans we need to stand behind it. We don't need to love all decisions but we should respect creators and their visions.

I'm a defender of TLJ.

I'll keep this brief! The Last Jedi is not the greatest Star Wars film but it is not the worst. Given the story setup that Johnson was handed, it made sense to tell the story that was shown on screen. Post Force Awakens books left out Luke from any stories after ROTJ (Episode 6) and JJ left us with a confused Luke Skywalker staring at Rey. Johnson was left with a few options, he could have Luke embrace Rey holding the saber or have him deflect her approach. The more compelling story is him refusing to help Rey, several questions begin to rise. Why would he do such a thing? What would make a Jedi Master turn a possible apprentice away? When you have him embrace Rey you have a quick resolution to what could be a complex examination into the psyche of an elder Jedi who has learnt from the Jedi texts of old. He has seen the harm that the Jedi have caused and what they have failed to protect. Luke can only see that the Jedi must end because of what he has personally endured and Rian saw that through organic story growth. Each story beat was set up for Rian by JJ!

Let's move on:

I'm excited to experience Episode 9 in theaters this Christmas; it'll be the last Star Wars film until 2022 and I know I will compare it prior theater experiences. With the Emperor returning how does this change people's perspective on this trilogy? Will JJ stick the landing? All of this has me at the edge of my seat and I will need an oxygen tank if JJ delivers. As I did with AVENGERS: ENDGAME, I am going in with a blank mind; I keep telling myself expect anything, everything, and nothing. That's what hurt the TLJ; rumors, and theories attacking news feeds of every living creature - not everyone received the answers they were hoping for because EVERY single theory was talked to death. I'm hoping for a magical experience at the theater but will remain silent in my theorizing.

One of the first movies I ever saw in theaters was Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace and it is not something I remember all that much but I'm grateful for the experience. The experience that meant the world to me was Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith; the final Star Wars film EVER -- so we thought! I remember heading into the theater with my mom and trying to pick the best seat imaginable; we were now ready to experience the finale of a lifetime. At the time it was an amazing film, hey I was only ten so I didn't know any better. In its defense, the opening sequence is hands down the craziest opening to any Star Wars film to date. However, nothing comes close to the excitement that was waiting in line and anticipating Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there's nothing that will ever come close. Ten years post Episode III and we never thought we'd see another; the world was beyond aroused to see what to expect from Episode VII.

Star Wars is more than the movies, there is a world of shows, comics, and novels to experience. I am aware that the now LEGENDS books were treasured by fans but let's look back: they were not all superb and some contradict each other and more importantly contradict what Lucasfilm had in-store for the future of Star Wars. You can still read them they just don't fit into the modern Canon. What fits into the Canon are the books and comics that were released post-Disney takeover and those pieces of literature are fantastic. I won't sugar-coat this, the comics are expensive (if you would like to read them all) but without a doubt, they are worth reading. And what's better than Clone Wars and Rebels, two of the best-animated shows in the last 15 years. The connective tissue runs deep in the Canon and now we are beginning to see several characters and locations being mentioned in the films.

I believe in JJ even though he has yet to deliver a satisfying conclusion to anything he has ever made. The reason for this faith in him stems to the story group, Pablo Hidalgo and team are extraordinary fans of Star Wars and they work closely with their creators. Pablo has yet to leave me unsatisfied. The story for Episode IX is not going to be an easy one to tell, how has the Emperor been alive all this time or is that even the same Emperor (maybe it's a clone)? Are Rey's parents just nobody's - Kylo may have not known the truth as well? What role does Luke play now that he's a force ghost? Whatever those answers are, they have already been answered, the film wrapped principal a while back and it's releasing this December. I believe in this film as I believe in the force and how it runs through us all.

The toxicity of the past two years needs to cease. Remember, we are fans of the greatest franchise of all time and we need to keep it alive for the upcoming generations.

I hope you enjoyed this banter that was this article.

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